Clan commands:

  • /clan invite [player] = Invites a player into your clan.
  • /clan leader [player] – Makes a new player to the leader.
  • /clan kick [player] – Kicks a player from the clan.
  • /clan name [new name of the clan] – Sets a new name for the clan.
  • /clan delete – Deletes the clan.
  • /clan tag [new clan tag] – Sets the clan tag.
  • /clan party – Invites all clan members into a party.
  • /clan chat [message] – Write into the clan chat.
  • /clan get [player] – Outputs the clan where the given player is in.
  • /clan list [clan] – Lists the players who are in your/the given clan.
  • /clan stats [clan] [stat] – Outputs the stats of your/the given clan.
  • /clan leave – Leaves the clan.
  • /clan setcolor [color] – Set the color of the clan.
  • /clan rmcolor – Remove the color of the clan.
  • /clan settings – Outputs the settings interface
Last Updated: 02 October 2022 04:21

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