By connecting to HyperiaMC, you agree to all of the rules below.

HyperiaMC strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then make sure to submit a player report.

The first three offences are listed below each rule. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances. Violations beyond the third will be treated with a permanent or long-term restriction from our networks. If you feel you were punished for an invalid reason, we must ask you to refrain from making a commotion and instead submit an appeal in the correct section.

Staff can punish for extended lengths of time depending on severity, and some rules may not be documented on this page.

Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services:


"I didn't know that was against the rules"

This will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case.

You are responsible for your account, and thus anyone who can get on it. This means any punishments issued to your account while another player is using it are linked to your account.

Anything said outside of HyperiaMC services may be up for punishment too, if it's extreme and confirmed by management. We also do punish for personal messages, faction messages and other private message formats.


"My sibling logged into my account and did that"

This is not a valid excuse and will not be accepted in an appeal. If there is any way of proving this, please reach out to the staff member that punished you.


"I do not see the rule I was banned for"

If you are banned for a rule that isn't stated on this page, it still is a ban that counts and you will not be pardoned because of that.

* Any chat messages caught by the filters or any chat otherwise not seen to the public can still be moderated, and senders are held accountable to all the rules.


Account Sharing

Account sharing is not disallowed. However, we strongly discourage players from sharing their accounts. Several of our punishments include IP-bans and IP-mutes. Sharing your account could land you in trouble since your IP address will be linked to other accounts and vice versa. Your account is your responsibility.


High CPS Clicking Methods

Any form of autoclicking is strictly forbidden (including the Minecraft version 1.15 option). We also strongly discourage manual clicking methods that cause extremely high CPS.


VPN Usage

VPN usage is not disallowed. However, we strongly discourage players from using a VPN on our server. There is a chance you will join the server on a banned or muted IP address which could land you in trouble since your IP address will be linked to other accounts and vice versa.



1. No racism, hate speech, or discrimination toward players or server staff.

- Do NOT insult, talk down to, or be rude to any players or staff on the server. This includes joking ABOUT other people on the server. All jokes will be taken seriously.

- Racism and hate speech are an instant perm ban with no chance of appeal.



2. No cursing, swearing, inappropriate language, discussion of politics or religion, or any other controversial topics in chat.

- Our server is family friendly. Because of this, no cursing or bad language is allowed in chat. There are no exceptions to this rule.

- Filter bypassing is not allowed and will result in a ban just as if you said the word without the bypass.

- References to drugs are not allowed and are considered inappropriate chat.

- Any sexual references are considered inappropriate chat.

- Discussion of politics, religion, or any topics that may be considered controversial are not allowed.


3. Griefing & Raiding is NOT permitted and will be rolled back. (Includes unclaimed/abandoned builds)

- If a plot becomes unclaimed after 30 days of inactivity from the claim owner, it is acceptable to take over that claim ONLY with the intention of building it back up or creating something. It is NOT permitted to destroy a build with no intention of creating something or adding to it – only improvements.

- Being destructive towards other player’s builds is bannable.

- Raiding unclaimed houses, areas, stores, etc. is not allowed.


4. No hacking or unapproved mods are allowed on the server.

- Hacks include but are not limited to X-ray, PVP hacks such as kill aura, auto-soup, auto-armor, etc.

- You can find a full list of approved mods below after the full rule list.


5. No abusing bugs or glitches on the server.

- Do not use bugs with any plugins or Minecraft to your advantage. This includes but is not limited to duplicating items, swim mining, etc.

- If you find any bugs with the server, please report them to a staff member, and we will look into fixing them.


6. No use of macros or scripts on the server.

- This includes, but is not limited to: /soup macro, auto selling scripts, auto-clickers, or any similar mods.

- This also includes using auto-clickers to mine in SkyBlock.


7. Respect other players and staff.

- Be kind and respectful to other players on the server and the server staff, and they will respect you back. Be kind, friendly, and helpful, and you will love everything our wonderful community will give back to you.

- This also includes if a staff member asks you to end a conversation with another player or to stop talking about something, do it. Not doing so will result in a ban for staff disrespect.

- Lastly, begging players or staff for items, ranks, etc. is included here, and it is not allowed.


8. No spamming, advertising, or links in chat.

- Any links or advertisements in chat are not allowed. This includes talking about other servers including Minecraft Realms servers.

- Spamming includes:

Excessive Use of Caps – 4 words in a row or 15 characters

Identical Messages More Than 2x

Spamming the same thing over and over again including expanding words with the same letter over and over again.


9. No inappropriate usernames, skins, capes, signs, item names, or builds.

- No inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or links in chat. If the word isn’t allowed in chat, it is not allowed for usernames.

- Do not use the /nick command to copy the username of any staff member on the server.

Inappropriate builds include, but are not limited to lag machines, builds resembling genitalia, swear words on plots of land, hate-based imagery, etc.

- The staff team has full discretion as to whether or not a username, build, sign, cape, skin, or item name is appropriate for the server or not.


10. No scamming, gambling, or casinos are allowed.


11. Killing other players is not allowed anywhere on the server outside of PVP enabled areas.

- Do not use lava, TP trapping, droppers, pushing players off ledges, fireworks, or any other methods to kill players.


12. Public chat is English only. If you want to speak other languages, please do so using /msg

- Our staff team cannot moderate languages outside of English, which is why we ask this.


13. Do not ask ranked players or staff members to mine spawners, set warps, or give you items.


14. A MAX of 2 ALTs (3 accounts total) are allowed on the server at one time. Any accounts over 3 will be banned.


15. No harassing or annoying of other players or staff.

- This includes spamming information or comments in with /msg or personal chat and giving out your own or other’s personal information.

- Do not send staff constant or excessive messages or target their players in PVP.

- No arguing with, discussing bans, or requesting items from staff members.


16. No evading of bans or mutes in any way.

- Joining with ALTs after you have previously been banned will result in an escalation of your ban length.

- Do not use signs or books to avoid being muted in chat.


HyperiaMC - Tier punishments

TierOffence NameOffence 1Offence 2Offence 3Offence 4Offence 5Offence 6Offence 7
T1Spamming - Capital LettersWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d ban7d banPermanent ban
T1Spamming - Character SpamWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T1Spamming - Similar Message SpamWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T1Spamming - Unique Message SpamWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T1Indirect SwearingWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T1Foreign LanguagesWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T1Spamming - Command SpamWarning15m mute1h mute3h mute1d mute7d banPermanent ban
T2Inappropriate Chat1h mute6h mute1d mute3d mute7d mutePermanent ban-
T2Directed Swearing1h mute6h mute1d mute3d mute7d mutePermanent ban-
T3Combat Logging1d ban3d ban7d ban14d banPermanent ban--
T3Harassment1d ban3d ban7d ban14d banPermanent ban--
T3Inappropriate Display1d ban3d ban7d ban14d banPermanent ban--
T3Player Disrespect1d ban3d ban7d ban14d banPermanent ban--
T3Server Disrespect1d ban3d ban7d ban14d banPermanent ban--
T4Threats7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4Bug Abuse7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4TP Trapping / Killing7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4Encouraging Harm7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4Griefing7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4In-Game Scamming7d ban14d ban30d banPermanent ban---
T4Discrimination14d ban30d banPermanent ban----
T5Inappropriate Username30d banPermanent ban-----
T5Hacked Client (Disallowed Modifications)30d banPermanent ban-----
T5Worldedit abuse *Creative server30d ban - plot wipePermanent ban-----
T5AdvertisingPermanent ban------
T6Ban EvasionPermanent ban------
T6IRL ScammingPermanent ban------
BLSerious ThreatsBlacklist------
BLLeaking Personal InformationBlacklist------



HyperiaMC - Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

Scroll down for information about what Permitted** means


Y/NModification NameOffence 1Offence 2Offence 3Offence 4Offence 5Offence 6Offence 7


Toggle SprintPermitted------

Minimap and MapsPermitted **------

Armor and Potion HUDsPermitted------


SchematicaPermitted **------

Damage IndicatorsPermitted------

Image Uploading ModsPermitted------

Inventory TweaksPermitted **------

Co-Ordinate ModsPermitted------


Saturation ModsPermitted------

Cape ModsPermitted------

Client Side Chat ModsPermitted------

Mod LoadersPermitted **------

LiteLoaderPermitted **------

ForgePermitted **------




PvP ClientsPermitted **------
Hack Clients30d banPermanent-----

X-Ray30d banPermanent-----

Fly Hacks or Boosts30d banPermanent-----

Auto Clickers30d banPermanent-----

Macros and Keybinds30d banPermanent-----

Scripts30d banPermanent-----

Radar or ESP Mods30d banPermanent-----

Printer30d banPermanent-----

Attack Keybind**30d banPermanent-----

OQMineBot30d banPermanent-----

Anti-AFK Evasion30d banPermanent-----


Minimaps & Maps

Players, mobs, caves, entities and radar must be disabled on these maps. You must only show above ground terrain on them.



You must NOT use printer.


Inventory Tweaks

Auto Potting and Auto Armor is not allowed, this will get you banned.


Mod Loaders, LiteLoader & Forge

Only using allowed mods


PvP Clients

Must have no advantage to them. Specific clients allowed include:

- Badlion Client

- Lunar Client

- Cosmic Client

If you get banned while using one of these, it is your own fault.


Attack Keybind

Having your attack keybind as another key to use it to AFK grind