How to install the modpack

Hello everyone, today I'm going to give a light introduction on how to install the modpack for ZuneMC. To keep it extremely simple we are going to use a launcher called MultiMC , Due to this you will have to have Java 8 - 64 bit installed on your PC locally for the software to use. Don't worry though. This step-by-step guide is extremely simple to follow!

To install MultiMC , just click this link here and install MultiMC for Windows, if you are using Linux or MacOS, please use those instead. Once installed, navigate to the top right of the UI to sign into your Minecraft account.

Now, to set it up for modded you will need to do the following. Click on Settings then go to Java. Under it you should see Minimum, and Maximum memory allocation. You can use this to allocate more ram to the game! I personally use 4GB of Ram, minimum and 16GB at the maximum. The modpack is recommended to have 4GB of ram dedicated for a good experience.

Last Updated: 19 October 2022 00:59

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